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 [Search a list of Patent Appplications for class 163]   CLASS 163,NEEDLE AND PIN MAKING
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This class contains special apparatus and processes for the manufacture of crocheting, knitting, and sewing needles, both for hand and machine use; also, machines and processes for making garment-fastening pins of the ordinary form, as well as safety pins. All such single operations as bending, swaging, groove-milling, point-grinding, turning, and the like will be found in appropriate subclasses under the corresponding fuctional title.



53Package Making,   appropriate subclasses for methods of and apparatus for encompassing or encasing goods or materials with a separate cover or band which serves as means for identifying, protecting or unit handling the goods or materials.
72Metal Deforming,   appropriate subclasses for a specified metal shaping operation.
140Wireworking,   appropriate subclass for devices for making wire objects, including hair pins.
221Article Dispensing,   subclasses 156+ for article orienting dispensing and feeding subcombinations not otherwise provided for, and subclasses 175+ for devices for forming stacks of disarranged articles, included in an article dispensing or feeding combination.
223Apparel Apparatus,   subclasses 108 and 109 for needle holders.
227Elongated-Member-Driving Apparatus,   subclass 65 for apparatus for buckling work and inserting a member, e.g., pin, through the buckled portion.


[List of Patents for class 163 subclass 1]    1NEEDLE MAKING:
 This subclass is indented under the class definition.  Miscellaneous devices for completing the manufacture or for performing two or more operations upon sewing-needles for either hand or machine use.


4,for rotary blank carrier.


451Abrading,   subclass 315 for a needle-eye polisher.
[List of Patents for class 163 subclass 2]    2Knitting needles:
 This subclass is indented under subclass 1.  Machines and the like for making hook-ended needles for knitting or crocheting fabrics.
[List of Patents for class 163 subclass 3]    3Tongued:
 This subclass is indented under subclass 2.  Special machines for making tongued needles for knitting-machines or for attaching the tongues or latches to the bodies of such needles.
[List of Patents for class 163 subclass 4]    4Rotary blank carrier:
 This subclass is indented under subclass 1.  Needle-making machines having sets of grippers radially arranged on a circular carrier which has a step-by-step rotation to bring the needle-blanks into position to be operated upon by the various shaping devices. In some cases a plurality of carriers is shown, together with means for transferring the blank from one carrier to another.


221Article Dispensing,   subclasses 217+ for article dispensers, not otherwise classified, which have endless belt or rotary mounted gripper-type discharge assistants, subclasses 224+ for article dispensers having manipulating means subsequent to discharge from a source of supply, and subclasses 239 and 294 for article dispensers feeding to clamp or holddown means. See the class definition of Class 221 for a statement of the line between the classes and for the disposition of other similar disclosures.
470Threaded, Headed Fastener, or Washer Making: Process and Apparatus,   subclass 129 for similar carriers.
[List of Patents for class 163 subclass 5]    5Processes:
 This subclass is indented under subclass 1.  Miscellaneous methods of making sewing and knitting needles, both for hand and machine use.
(1) Note. For such processes as are discernible from an inspection of the article itself, see the search notes below.


66Textiles: Knitting,   subclasses 116+ for needles.
112Sewing,   subclasses 222+ for needles.
223Apparel Apparatus,   subclasses 102 through 104 for needles.
[List of Patents for class 163 subclass 6]    6PIN MAKING:
 This subclass is indented under the class definition.  Devices for cutting, heading and pointing ordinary straight pins.
[List of Patents for class 163 subclass 7]    7Safety pins:
 This subclass is indented under subclass 6.  Machines and processes for making sheath- pointed garment-fastening pins. In most cases the machines are for shaping and attaching to the wire body the sheet-metal point-shield.

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