CPC Definition - Subclass C05C

Last Updated Version: 2016.11
Definition statement

This place covers:

  • Fertiliser compositions containing nitrogen, processes and apparatus for obtaining them;
  • Ammonium nitrate fertilisers;
  • Fertilisers containing other salts of ammonia or ammonia itself;
  • Fertilisers containing other nitrates;
  • Fertilisers containing calcium or other cyanamides;
  • Fertilisers containing urea or urea compounds;
  • Other nitrogenous fertilisers.
Relationships with other classification places

Treating manure; apparatus for distributing fertiliser A01C.

Soil-cultivation substrates A01G 9/00.

Plant growth regulators A01N.

Soil-conditioning or soil-stabilising materials C09K 17/00.

Any apparatus for preparing fertilisers may be classified in those areas of C05 that are specific for such apparatus – e.g., C05B 1/10 – apparatus for the manufacture of superphosphates. Otherwise, individual apparatus should be classified in the relevant area of the IPC, e.g., F26B 7/00.

Whilst the subject matter of C05C deals with nitrogenous fertilisers per se, A01C 3/00 deals with methods of treating manure/methods of manuring per se and A01C 21/00 deals with methods of fertilising per se.

Limiting references

This place does not cover:

Inorganic fertilisers not covered by subclasses C05B, C05C; fertilisers producing carbon dioxide


Organic fertilisers not covered by subclasses C05B, C05C, e.g. fertilisers from waste or refuse


Informative references

Attention is drawn to the following places, which may be of interest for search:

Harrows with means for distributing fertilisers

A01B 25/00

Fertlisers distributors

A01C 15/00

Mowers combined with dispensing apparatus, e.g. for fertilisers

A01D 43/14

Horticulture; cultivation of vegetables, flowers, rice, fruit, vines, hops or seaweed; forestry; watering


Root feeders; injecting fertilisers into roots

A01G 29/00

Processes or devices for granultaing materials, in general

B01J 2/00

Nitrogen, compounds thereof

C01B 21/00

Ammonia; cyanogen; compounds thereof


Special rules of classification

An ingredient in a mixture of fertilisers, or a single fertiliser which contains more that one of the chemical elements on which the subdivision is based, is classified only in the first of the appropriate places. Thus, a nitrophosphate or an ammoniated superphosphate is classified in C05B but not in C05C, magnesium phosphate is classified in C05B but not in C05D, and calcium cyanamide in C05C but not in C05D.

Information relative to the form in which the fertilizer is presented, e.g. granulation, coating, etc. is always given in addition to the chemical composition of the fertilizers.

Any ingredient in a mixture, which is considered to present information of interest for search, is also classified using a combination of classification symbols. If a document concerns embodiments comprising mixtures whose elements are covered individually by different subclasses, groups or subgroups, the document is classified with a Combination-set.

The following rules apply:

  • The first element of the Combination-set corresponds to the first relevant (sub)group mentioned in the classification scheme independently of the importance or relevance of the element in the whole fertilizer mixture;
  • the following element or elements of the Combination_set are added sequentially in the order in which they appear in the classification scheme to the first element using a ",".

Example: a fertilizer containing a mixture of superphosphate (C05B 1/02), ammonium nitrate (C05C 1/00) and potassium chloride (C05D 1/02) will be given the Combination-set C05B 1/02, C05C 1/00, C05D 1/02.

Example: a fertilizer containing a mixture of either superphosphate (C05B 1/02) or ammonium nitrate (C05C 1/00) with potassium chloride (C05D 1/02) will be given the Combination-set C05B 1/02, C05D 1/02 and C05C 1/00, C05D 1/02.

Glossary of terms

In this place, the following terms or expressions are used with the meaning indicated:

Fertiliser (fertiliser material)

Natural or artificial substance containing the chemical elements that improve growth and productiveness of plants.

Synonyms and Keywords

In patent documents, the following words/expressions are often used as synonyms:

  • "fertiliser" and "plant nutrient "
  • “Amendment”, “Plant food”, “Agricultural chemical” and "Fertiliser"
  • "Ammonia", “Ammonium hydroxide” and "Ammonia water"

In patent documents, the following words/expressions are often used with the meaning indicated:



"soil amendment"

" composition capable of modifying the chemical (pH) or physical (structure) condition of soils for agricultural purposes".