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Y02B 10/00
Integration of renewable energy sources in buildings [2013-01]
Y02B 10/10
Photovoltaic [PV] [2013-01]
Y02B 10/20
Solar thermal [2013-01]
Y02B 10/30
Wind power [2013-01]
Y02B 10/40
Geothermal heat-pumps [2013-01]
Y02B 10/50
Hydropower in dwellings [2013-01]
Y02B 10/70
Hybrid systems, e.g. uninterruptible or back-up power supplies integrating renewable energies [2020-08]
Y02B 20/00
Energy efficient lighting technologies, e.g. halogen lamps or gas discharge lamps [2020-08]
Y02B 20/30
Semiconductor lamps, e.g. solid state lamps [SSL] light emitting diodes [LED] or organic LED [OLED] [2013-01]
Y02B 20/40
Control techniques providing energy savings, e.g. smart controller or presence detection [2020-08]
Y02B 20/72
in street lighting [2020-08]
Y02B 30/00
Energy efficient heating, ventilation or air conditioning [HVAC] [2013-01]
Y02B 30/12
Hot water central heating systems using heat pumps [2020-08]
Y02B 30/13
Hot air central heating systems using heat pumps [2020-08]
Y02B 30/17
District heating [2020-08]
Y02B 30/18
Domestic hot-water supply systems using recuperated or waste heat [2020-08]
Y02B 30/52
Heat recovery pumps, i.e. heat pump based systems or units able to transfer the thermal energy from one area of the premises or part of the facilities to a different one, improving the overall efficiency [2020-08]
Y02B 30/54
Free-cooling systems [2020-08]
Y02B 30/56
Heat recovery units [2020-08]
Y02B 30/62
Absorption based systems [2020-08]
Y02B 30/625
. .
combined with heat or power generation [CHP], e.g. trigeneration [2020-08]
Y02B 30/70
Efficient control or regulation technologies, e.g. for control of refrigerant flow, motor or heating [2020-08]
Y02B 30/90
Passive houses; Double facade technology [2018-05]
Y02B 40/00
Technologies aiming at improving the efficiency of home appliances, e.g. induction cooking or efficient technologies for refrigerators, freezers or dish washers [2020-08]
Y02B 40/18
using renewables, e.g. solar cooking stoves, furnaces or solar heating [2020-08]
Y02B 50/00
Energy efficient technologies in elevators, escalators and moving walkways, e.g. energy saving or recuperation technologies [2020-08]
Y02B 70/00
Technologies for an efficient end-user side electric power management and consumption [2013-01]
Y02B 70/10
Technologies improving the efficiency by using switched-mode power supplies [SMPS], i.e. efficient power electronics conversion e.g. power factor correction or reduction of losses in power supplies or efficient standby modes [2020-08]
Y02B 70/30
Systems integrating technologies related to power network operation and communication or information technologies for improving the carbon footprint of the management of residential or tertiary loads, i.e. smart grids as climate change mitigation technology in the buildings sector, including also the last stages of power distribution and the control, monitoring or operating management systems at local level [2020-08]
Y02B 70/3225
. .
Demand response systems, e.g. load shedding, peak shaving [2020-08]
Y02B 70/34
. .
Smart metering supporting the carbon neutral operation of end-user applications in buildings [2018-05]
Y02B 80/00
Architectural or constructional elements improving the thermal performance of buildings [2013-01]
Y02B 80/10
Insulation, e.g. vacuum or aerogel insulation [2020-08]
Y02B 80/22
Glazing, e.g. vaccum glazing [2020-08]
Y02B 80/32
Roof garden systems [2020-08]
Y02B 90/00
Enabling technologies or technologies with a potential or indirect contribution to GHG emissions mitigation [2013-01]
Y02B 90/10
Applications of fuel cells in buildings [2013-01]
Y02B 90/20
Smart grids as enabling technology in buildings sector (smart grids supporting the management or operation of end-user stationary applications in general, or like technologies with no associated climate change mitigation effect Y04S 20/00) [2020-08]