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OBTAINING ENERGY FROM RADIOACTIVE SOURCES; APPLICATIONS OF RADIATION FROM RADIOACTIVE SOURCES, NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR; UTILISING COSMIC RADIATION (measurement of nuclear or X-radiation G01T; fusion reactors G21B; nuclear reactors G21C; lamps in which a gas filling is excited to luminescence by external corpuscular radiation or by radioactive material structurally associated with the lamp H01J 65/04, H01J 65/06) [2018-08]

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
G21H 1/00
Arrangements for obtaining electrical energy from radioactive sources, e.g. from radioactive isotopes {, nuclear or atomic batteries} [2017-08]
G21H 1/02
Cells charged directly by beta radiation [2013-01]
G21H 1/04
Cells using secondary emission induced by alpha radiation, beta radiation, or gamma radiation [2018-05]
G21H 1/06
Cells wherein radiation is applied to the junction of different semiconductor materials [2013-01]
G21H 1/08
Cells in which radiation ionises a gas in the presence of a junction of two dissimilar metals, i.e. contact potential difference cells [2018-05]
G21H 1/10
Cells in which radiation heats a thermoelectric junction or a thermionic converter [2018-05]
G21H 1/103
. .
{Cells provided with thermo-electric generators} [2013-01]
G21H 1/106
. .
{Cells provided with thermionic generators} [2013-01]
G21H 1/12
Cells using conversion of the radiation into light combined with subsequent photoelectric conversion into electric energy [2013-01]
G21H 3/00
Arrangements for direct conversion of radiation energy from radioactive sources into forms of energy other than electric energy, e.g. {into} light {or mechanic energy} [2018-05]
G21H 3/02
in which material is excited to luminesce by the radiation (lamps in which a gas filling or screen or coating is excited to luminesce by radioactive material structurally associated with the lamp  H01J 65/00) [2018-05]
G21H 5/00
Applications of radiation from radioactive sources or arrangements therefor, not otherwise provided for  [2018-05]
G21H 5/02
as tracers [2018-05]
G21H 7/00
Use of effects of cosmic radiation [2013-01]