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PLEATING, KILTING, OR GOFFERING TEXTILE FABRICS OR WEARING APPAREL (corrugating, creasing, or otherwise deforming paper, or material worked in a manner analogous to paper, without removing material B31F; by weaving D03D; by sewing D05B; apparatus for pressing or setting formed pleats D06C) [2013-01]
D06J 1/00
Pleating, kilting or goffering textile fabrics or wearing apparel [2013-01]
D06J 1/02
continuously and transversely to the direction of feed [2013-01]
D06J 1/04
. .
by co-operating ribbed or grooved rollers or belts [2013-01]
D06J 1/06
. .
by reciprocating blades [2013-01]
D06J 1/08
. . .
which introduce the folds between rollers or belts [2013-01]
D06J 1/10
continuously and longitudinally to the direction of feed [2013-01]
D06J 1/12
Forms of pleats or the like [2013-01]