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  • This subclass covers only vehicles or parts thereof in so far as the relevant features are essential for animal-drawn vehicles.
  • This subclass does not cover animal-drawn vehicles which have not the features mentioned in Note (1) above. They are regarded as trailers which are covered by class B60 or subclass B62D, or as sledges which are covered by subclass B62B.

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
B62C 1/00
Types of vehicles [2013-01]
B62C 1/02
Passenger vehicles [2013-01]
B62C 1/04
Load-carrying vehicles [2013-01]
B62C 1/06
. .
convertible, e.g. with extensible parts, with changeable wheel track [2013-01]
B62C 1/08
Racing vehicles, e.g. sulkies [2013-01]
B62C 3/00
Undercarriages or running gear of vehicles; Axle supports (undercarriages for supporting agricultural tools or apparatus A01B 35/30, A01B 39/24; A01B 51/00) [2013-01]
B62C 3/02
Front wheel carriers; Bogies; Steering mechanisms for bogies [2013-01]
B62C 5/00
Draught assemblies (traction harness B68B 3/00) [2013-01]
B62C 5/005
{Starting aids} [2013-01]
B62C 5/02
Shafts, poles, or thills; Mountings thereof, e.g. resilient, adjustable [2013-01]
B62C 5/04
Swingletrees; Mountings thereof; Draught equalisers for a span of draught animals; Mountings for traces [2013-01]
B62C 7/00
Braking mechanisms and brake control devices specially adapted for animal-drawn vehicles (brakes in general F16D) [2013-01]
B62C 7/02
Mechanisms for locking ground-engaging wheels, e.g. engaging spokes [2013-01]
B62C 7/04
Automatic brake control devices [2013-01]
B62C 9/00
Carriers or holders for whips; Holders for reins forming part of or attached to vehicles (reins or whips per se B68B) [2013-01]
B62C 11/00
Safeguarding appliances not otherwise provided for, e.g. for readily releasing unmanageable draught animals [2013-01]
B62C 11/02
Providing for disengaging thills [2013-01]
B62C 11/04
. .
combined with automatic braking [2013-01]
B62C 99/00
Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass [2022-08]