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1703 The Official Gazette [R-10.2019]

The Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Official Gazette) is published electronically every Tuesday in two sections, the Official Gazette – Patents and the Official Gazette – Trademarks.

The Official Gazette — Patents reports the reexamination certificates, reissues, plant patents, utility patents, and design patents issued and statutory invention registrations (if any) published on that day. The Electronic Official Gazette — for Patents (eOG:P) ( official-gazette/official-gazette-patents) allows browsing through the issued patents for the week. The eOG:P can be browsed by classification or type of patent, for example, utility, design, and plant. Specific patents can be accessed by class/subclass or patentee name.  Links are provided to the various pages of the eOG:P:

  • (A) Browse by CPC or USPC page to access patents by a specific classification;
  • (B) Classification of Patents page to link to patents issued within specified CPC classes, links to Utility documents and of USPC class ranges with links to Design and Plant documents, and a link to a listing of Class Designations and Descriptions;
  • (C) Browse Granted Patents page to access a patent by patent number or patents by type as well as links to certificates resulting from reexaminations, supplemental examinations and administrative trials;
  • (D) Index of Patentees page to browse by names of inventors and assignees in either a cumulative alphabetical index or individual indexes by type of patent. Each patentee listing contains a link to the patent;
  • (E) Geographical Index of Inventors to link to patents by the state or country of residence of the first listed inventor; and
  • (F) Notices page to link to the text of Patent and Trademark Office Notices for the week.

As to each patent, the following information may be given:

  • (A) Patent number;
  • (B) Title of the invention;
  • (C) Name of inventor(s), city, and state or country of residence;
  • (D) Assignee's name, city, and state or country of residence, if assigned;
  • (E) Applicant's name, city, and state or country of residence;
  • (F) Filing date and application number;
  • (G) For reissue patents, the original patent number and issue date, and the original application number and filing date;
  • (H) U.S. benefit application data, if any;
  • (I) PCT or international design application data, if any;
  • (J) Foreign priority application data, if any;
  • (K) Patent Application Publication Number and Publication date, if any;
  • (L) International classification;
  • (M) CPC classification;
  • (N) U.S. classification by class and subclass (for Design and Plant documents);
  • (O) Number of claims;
  • (P) Selected figure of the drawing, if any;
  • (Q) A claim or claims.

The Official Gazette – Trademarks is published electronically and contains an illustration of each trademark published for opposition, an alphabetical list of registered trademarks, a classified list of registered trademarks, an index of registrants, a list of canceled trademark registrations, and a list of renewed trademark registrations.

The information in the Official Gazette pertaining to each issued patent and each trademark registration can be obtained from the Patent Grants Database and the U.S. Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) respectively, both also available on the USPTO website.

Regular and special notices of the United States Patent and Trademark Office are published in the Official Gazette Notices, both as part of the Electronic Official Gazette — Patents (eOG:P) and as a separate publication. The notices that are included in this publication include notices of patent and trademark suits, disclaimers filed, Certificates of Correction issued, lists of applications and patents available for license or sale, notices of 37 CFR 1.47 applications, and general information such as orders, notices, changes in rules, changes in classification, certain adverse decisions in interferences, the condition of work in the Office, registration of attorneys and agents, reprimands, suspensions, and exclusions of registered attorneys and agents, and notices to parties not reached by mail. The Official Gazette Notices are available on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website ( learning-and-resources/official-gazette).



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