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Public Comments for Fee Setting

Please note that the following documents are posted as originally received but may contain artifacts of scanning, OCR, or document format conversion. 

Academic and Research Institutions

Association of American Universities (AAU) (2012FEB21)

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Alley, Ryan (2012FEB29)

Baker, Michelle (2012FEB27)

Beffel, Ernie (2012FEB25)

Berridge, William (2012FEB29)

Cohen, Amnon (2012FEB27)

Franco, Alexander (2012FEB29)

Gallagher, Tom (2012FEB26)

Hodges, Robert (2012FEB29)

Krasnick, Harry (2012FEB25)

Leggett, Nickolaus (2012MAR12)

Lelkes, Robert (2012FEB29)

Lindeen, Gordon (2012FEB17)

Mott, Brian (2012FEB26)

Oppedahl, Carl (2012FEB29)

Orich, Christine (2012FEB23)

Ruffner, Bryan (2012FEB09)

Rules, Lester (2012FEB10)

Schoppe, Laura (2012FEB28)

Wilson, Mark (2012FEB29)

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Hearing Transcript

February 15, 2012 Hearing

Armitage, Robert A., American Bar Association

Dickinson, Q. Todd, American Intellectual Property Law Association

Thurlow, Peter, New York IP Law Association

Wamsley, Herb, Intellectual Property Owners Association


February 23, 2012 Hearing

Allen, Darren

Beffel, Ernie, Haynes Beffel & Wolfeld.

Bernstein, Larry

Katznelson, Ron D., IEEE

Kley, Vic

Knapp, John

Sheridan, Rick

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