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You are viewing a US to Locarno Concordance.

US to Locarno Concordance for
See notes regarding proper use of US-to-Locarno Concordances.
U.S. SubclassLocarno Class - Subclass Notes
1   -  9 17 - 01  
10   -  11 17 - 02  
12 17 - 02  
13 17 - 02  
14   -  21 17 - 03  
22   -  23 17 - 04  
24 17 - 05  
99 17 - 99  

This data is current as of April/2017

Regarding US-to-Locarno Concordances [Concordances between US Patent Classification and the Locarno Agreement]: The USPC does not precisely concord to the Locarno. Users of this Concordance must look at the Locarno schedules to select an appropriate classification for the concept being classified.

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