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 [Search a list of Patent Appplications for class 231]   CLASS 231,WHIPS AND WHIP APPARATUS
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This class includes apparatus peculiar to the manufacture of whips and also novel forms of whips.


[List of Patents for class 231 subclass 1]    1WHIP MACHINES:
 Machines peculiar to whip manufacture, mostly rolling, pressing, and shaping machines.


69Leather Manufactures,   subclass 9 for leather splitting and skiving machines.
87Textiles: Braiding, Netting, and Lace Making,   for pertinent subclass(es) as determined by schedule review.
[List of Patents for class 231 subclass 2.1]    2.1Whip:
 This subclass is indented under the class definition.  Subject matter consisting of a device having a handle connected to a goad or a lash, whereby selective contact of the goad or the lash with an animal controls the movement or behavior of the animal.


119Animal Husbandry,   subclasses 712+ for a device related to training, breaking or exercising a horse or other animal, and subclasses 801+ for a device manipulated by an attendant to catch and hold an animal.
280Land Vehicles,   subclasses 170+ for a whip socket attached to a vehicle.
463Amusement Devices: Games,   subclasses 47.2+ for a striking type of weapon for use on a human being (e.g., a police club, billy, etc.).
[List of Patents for class 231 subclass 3]    3Convertible whips and canes:
 Whips that can be readily converted into walking-canes.
[List of Patents for class 231 subclass 4]    4Lashes:
 Lashes or snaps for whips.


87Textiles: Braiding, Netting, and Lace Making,   subclass 8 , and indented subclasses where the novelty resides in a peculiar braid or plat.
[List of Patents for class 231 subclass 5]    5Lash and snap fastenings:
 Means for fastening the lash or snap to the whip stock or handle.
[List of Patents for class 231 subclass 6]    6Caps, buttons and joints:
 Caps, ferrules, or buttons and whip-joints.


43Fishing, Trapping, and Vermin Destroying,   subclass 18.1 .
135Tent, Canopy, Umbrella, or Cane,   subclasses 65+ for canes, crutches and umbrella sticks, and tip structures therefor.
[List of Patents for class 231 subclass 7]    7Electric prod:
 This subclass is indented under subclass 2.1.  Subject matter wherein the device has a goad which is electrically charged and which, when placed in contact with an animal, causes an electric shock to be produced in the animal.


361Electricity: Electrical Systems and Devices,   subclass 232 for electric charge generating or conducting means specifically designed to provide an electric shock to a living being. Combinations of subject matter in Class 361, subclass 232, with a specifically claimed art device are classified with the art device. If the art device is not provided for or is recited by name only (see class definition of Class 361) the combination is classified in Class 361.
463Amusement Devices: Games,   subclass 47.3 for a striking type of weapon for use on a human being which includes an electric shock feature (e.g., an electric prod used by police, etc.).
607Surgery: Light, Thermal, and Electrical Application,   subclass 1 for an electric chair for applying electricity to the human body including those for electrocution purposes and subclass 115 for miscellaneous devices for applying electricity to the human body.

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