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2420 The Requirements for Patent Applications Containing Nucleotide Sequence and/or Amino Acid Sequence Disclosures under World Intellectual Property Office Standard ST.25 (WIPO ST.25) - the Sequence Rules [R-07.2022]

[Editor Note: This section is not applicable to applications filed on or after July 1, 2022, having disclosures of nucleotide and/or amino acid sequences as defined in 37 CFR 1.831(b). See MPEP §§ 2412 - 2419 for applications filed on or after July 1, 2022.]

The sequence rules (37 CFR 1.821 -1.825) set forth the requirements pertaining to patent applications containing nucleotide sequence and/or amino acid sequence disclosures filed under WIPO ST.25. See also MPEP § 608.05 and § 2422.03.

See PCT Rule 5 and Rule 13ter, and MPEP § 1823.02 and § 2422, for the requirements under the PCT for international applications subject to WIPO ST.25 requirements and that disclose nucleic acid or amino acid sequences.



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