When trying to submit follow-on documents, why is my bibliographic data incorrect or unreadable where I had entered a special character in the initial filing through EFS-Web?

If the original filing for the application was made via EFS-Web, any characters used in the bibliographic data outside the normal keyboard set may become unreadable. When filing the initial filing through EFS-Web, special characters are allowed within the EFS-Web Application Data screen for the Title of Invention and the Name of the First Inventor. However due to legacy systems that have encoding issues with translating special characters such as ©, ®, ™, Ü etc. these special characters may be rendered incorrectly on the acknowledgement receipt on subsequent filings. To correct such rendering issues, please use the traditional methods such as filing a Correction of Filing Receipt through OIPE or submitting a Bibliographic Data Change request through Private PAIR to the Patent EBC. The USPTO is working to correct this issue in future releases of EFS-Web.

USPTO FAQ - Questions and Answers (15AUG2007)