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(423)                       GLOBALPat and USAMark
                        CD-ROM Products Now Available

   Nearly all of the world's patent literature published since 1971 is now
available on the GLOBALPat CD-ROM collection from the European Patent
Office and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Derived from the First
Page Data Base (FPDB), GLOBALPat delivers information from the front page
of a single representative member of each patent family published by the
United States, the European Patent Office, France, Germany, Great Britain,
Switzerland or the World Intellectual Property Organization. Each record
contains English language bibliographic text, an abstract and a
representative drawing, where appropriate. GLOBALPat uses the MIMOSA
software developed jointly by the Trilateral Offices (U.S. Patent and
Trade mark Office, the Japanese Patent Office, and the European Patent
Office) for SGML-encoded documents.

   GLOBALPat is available both as a back file and a front file. The back
file consists of 116 discs arranged into 69 technology sets based on the
International Patent Classification, and covers the years 1971-1996. The
front file consists of documents from 1997, to be published as data is
available, and is arranged by issuing country in numerical order. Price
of the back file, which must be ordered in its entirety, is $1,200 U.S.;
price of the front file is $200 U.S. per calendar year.

   USAMark offers facsimile images of the more than two million U.S.
trademarks registered from 1884 to the present, whether or not they are
currently active. This is a document delivery system rather than a
search system. Registrations are retrieved by document number only from
a cumulative index that covers all issued discs. The cumulative index is
updated during the process of installing the most recently received
issue. Lists of document numbers found in another search system can be
uploaded from a file or copied from the clipboard. USAMark represents
the best available copy of a substantial portion of the trademark search
files at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

   USAMark is available both as a back file and a front file. The price for
the back file of 101 discs representing 1884 - 1997, which must be
ordered as a complete set, is $1,100 U.S. The front file containing
documents from 1998, to be updated monthly including any back file
changes, is available on a calendar year subscription basis. The
subscription price is $200 U.S. per calendar year.

   Orders for subscriptions to either GLOBALPat or USAMark will be accepted
at any point during the calendar year and will include all issues for
that calendar year. Both products may be used in a local-area network at
no extra cost.

   For more information, or to request an order form, please contact:

   Office for Patent and Trademark Information
   Telephone: (703) 306-2600
   Fax: (703) 306-2737

May 29, 1998                                               WESLEY H. GEWEHR
                                              Administrator for Information

                                 [1211 OG 98]