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(360)                   Notice of Recent Amendment to
                  Filing Receipt Adding Indication Regarding
                   Request to Retrieve Priority Application

   The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is in the
process of designing and building a priority document exchange system
(PDX). Under PDX, an applicant, under certain circumstances, will be
able to request that the USPTO electronically retrieve a copy of a
foreign priority application at no charge to the applicant.

   In the early planning stages of PDX, the USPTO anticipated that
PDX would be in full production by May of 2006. Accordingly, the latest
update of the filing receipt was configured some time ago to include an
indication as to whether or not an acceptable request to retrieve a
priority application under PDX had been received. Unfortunately, due to
coordination difficulties, PDX deployment has been delayed by several
months. The USPTO is in the process of deleting the request to retrieve
information from the filing receipt until the time of PDX deployment.
However, there will be numerous filing receipts printed in the month of
May 2006 that will include the request to retrieve text.

   Until further notice, applicants should disregard any
indication regarding a request to retrieve priority application that is
included on their filing receipts. When PDX is launched, the USPTO will
post a notice fully explaining how and under what circumstances an
applicant may take advantage of it.

   The PDX information currently being included on the filing
receipt is located next to the foreign application listing as follows:

        Foreign Applications    Acceptable Request to
        Application Received?   Retrieve Priority

        (foreign priority       NO
        numbers and dates
        are indicated here)

   Due to some formatting problems the text from the Request to
Retrieve (PDX) indication carries over to the next line and appears
beneath the indication of Foreign Applications. Please disregard any
such request to retrieve information until further notice.

   Inquiries concerning this notice may be directed to Deborah L.
Kyle, Project Manager, Search and Information Administration, at
(571) 272-3377, or Diana L. Oleksa, Special Program Examiner, Patent
Cooperation Treaty Legal Administration at (571)-272-3291.

May 22, 2006                                                   KRISTIN VAJS
                                                       Acting Administrator
                                      Search and Information Administration

                                 [1307 OG 66]