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(99)        Announcement of Final Rule to Set or Adjust Patent Fees

SUMMARY: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (Office or USPTO)
sets or adjusts patent fees as authorized by the Leahy-Smith America
Invents Act (Act or AIA) in a final rule entitled, "Setting and Adjusting
Patent Fees," published in January, 2013. The Office first proposed a
revised fee structure in a notice of proposed rulemaking published at 77 FR
55028 (Sept. 6, 2012).

The rulemaking and supplementary materials in support of the rulemaking are
available on the USPTO's web site.

EFFECTIVE DATES: This final rule is effective 60 days after publication in
the Federal Register, except for changes to the following fees, which will
be effective on January 1, 2014: sections 1.18(a)(1), (b)(1), (c)(1), and
(d)(1) (patent issue and publication fees); section 1.21(h)(1) (fee for
recording a patent assignment electronically); sections 1.482(a)(1)(i)(A),
(a)(1)(ii)(A), and (a)(2)(i) (international application filing, processing
and search fees); and fees included in sections 1.445(a)(1)(i)(A),
(a)(2)(i), (a)(3)(i), and (a)(4)(i) (international application transmittal
and search fees).

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Michelle Picard, Office of the Chief
Financial Officer, by telephone at (571) 272-6354 or by email at; or Dianne Buie, Office of Planning and Budget
by telephone at (571) 272-6301 or by email at

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