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Collectible Cards

The USPTO launched the Inventor Collectible Card Series in 2012 at the USA Science and Engineering Festival. The cards feature caricatures of various inventors and are designed to recognize a wide variety of patent holders from diverse backgrounds and demographics in an effort to encourage and inspire future generations of inventors and innovators from various walks of life. New cards are released periodically and are typically distributed at USPTO booths at various education and outreach festivals and events. The concept for the cards was developed by the Office of Education and Outreach at the USPTO. The artwork was created by Roberto Ortiz, Yaira Resto, Paul Ehlke, and Jennine Brown of the Office of Trademark Administration.

Select an inventor to see more details! Hedy Lamarr Charles Conrad Rory Cooper Luis von Ahn John Goodenough Temple Grandin Steve Wozniak Beulah Henry Ray Dolby Helen Free  Ruth Benerito T. David Petite Juliette G. Low Alfred Y. Cho Stephanie Kwolek Elijah J. McCoy Dean Kamen Luther Burbank Ellen Ochoa Alec J. Jeffreys Nikola Tesla James West Abraham Lincoln George W. Carver Thomas Edison Forrest Bird USPTO Card
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