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MPEP Eighth edition Rev. 5

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Blue PagesBlue Pages
TitleTitle page
TOCTable of Contents
100100 Secrecy, Access, National Security, and Foreign Filing
200200 Types, Cross-Noting, and Status of Application
300300 Ownership and Assignment
400400 Representative of Inventor or Owner
500500 Receipt and Handling of Mail and Papers
600600 Parts, Form, and Content of Application
700700 Examination of Applications
800800 Restriction in Applications Filed Under 35 U.S.C. 111; Double Patenting
900900 Prior Art, Classification, and Search
10001000 Matters Decided by Various U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Officials
11001100 Statutory Invention Registration (SIR) and Pre-Grant Publication (PG Pub)
12001200 Appeal
13001300 Allowance and Issue
14001400 Correction of Patents
15001500 Design Patents
16001600 Plant Patents
17001700 Miscellaneous
18001800 Patent Cooperation Treaty
19001900 Protest
20002000 Duty of Disclosure
21002100 Patentability
22002200 Citation of Prior Art and Ex Parte Reexamination of Patents
23002300 Interference Proceedings
24002400 Biotechnology
25002500 Maintenance Fees
26002600 Optional Inter Partes Reexamination
27002700 Patent Terms and Extensions
Appendix IPartial List of Trademarks
Appendix IIList of Decisions Cited
Appendix LPatent Laws
Appendix RPatent Rules
Appendix TPatent Cooperation Treaty
Appendix AIAdministrative Instructions Under The PCT
Appendix PParis Convention

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