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(5)              Finance Customer Window to Permanently Close

   Due to the anticipated relocation of the Office of Finance from
Crystal City (in Arlington) to Alexandria, VA, the Finance customer
window in Crystal City is scheduled to permanently close sometime
between Wednesday, June 15 and Thursday, June 30, 2005. Anyone desiring
to hand-deliver appropriate correspondence to the Finance customer
window during this time should call the Office of Finance at (703)
308-5068 to find out whether the Finance customer window has already
permanently closed.

   The Finance customer window will not reopen at the new Office
of Finance location in Alexandria, VA. Once the Finance customer window
is permanently closed in Crystal City, hand-carried correspondence
formerly delivered to the Finance customer window must be delivered to
the Office of Finance receptionist (located at the Carlyle Place
building, 2051 Jamieson Avenue, Suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22314).
Hand-carried correspondence will only be accepted, and not processed.
Although the receptionist will not process any correspondence, if the
correspondence is delivered with an itemized postcard, the receptionist
will provide a delivery receipt by date stamping the postcard.
Depending on whether the correspondence is a refund request, deposit
account related (e.g., a deposit account replenishment), or maintenance
fee related (e.g., a maintenance fee payment), the correspondence
should be placed in an envelope with REFUND, DEPOSIT ACCOUNT, or
MAINTENANCE FEE written in dark ink across the envelope.

May 13, 2005                                                MICHELLE PICARD
                                                Director, Office of Finance

                                 [1295 OG 24]