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(428)                    Financial Services Available
                               Over the Internet

   The Revenue Accounting and Management (RAM) system, which is a Patent
and Trademark Office (PTO) automated financial system, was upgraded in
December 1999 to provide customers with added convenience and enhanced
financial services. The upgrade is part of the PTO's long-term strategy
to modernize financial management practices and procedures, to provide
increased options for paying required fees, and to provide improved
customer service to PTO's customers.

   As a major benefit, the upgraded RAM system, using a secure environment,
allows the following transactions to occur over the Internet through the
PTO Web site at

. replenish deposit account balances using a credit card;

. view deposit account information including holder name,
address, and current balance;

. request a deposit account statement;

. add, change, or delete deposit account authorized users;

. request a form to change entity status;

. pay maintenance fees using a credit card; and

. view 3 1/2, 7 1/2 and 11 1/2 year payment window dates
for maintenance fees.

   We currently accept any of the following credit cards: American Express,
Discover Card, MasterCard, or Visa. These enhancements are designed
solely to provide customers with alternative methods of payment.

   Customers using either the Netscape Navigator (Version 2.0 or higher) or
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 3.0 or higher) browser can access
the enhanced financial services features. The browser must be properly
configured to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts
data traveling between your browser and our server to protect your

   Passwords and access codes to replenish deposit account balances using a
credit card; to view deposit account information including holder name,
address, and current balance; and, to request a deposit account
statement will be provided to current deposit account holders along with
their monthly deposit account statements.

   Questions regarding deposit accounts should be directed to Karen Parish
at (703) 305-4636. Questions regarding patent maintenance fees should be
directed to the Maintenance Fee Branch at (703) 308-5068 or (703)

   Questions or comments concerning this notice should be forwarded to
Matthew Lee by telephone at (703) 305-8051, by e-mail at, by facsimile at (703) 305-8007, or by mail marked
to his attention and addressed to the Commissioner of Patents and
Trademarks, Office of Finance, Crystal Park 1, Suite 802, Washington,
D.C. 20231.

Dec. 28, 1999                                             Q. TODD DICKINSON
                                        Assistant Secretary of Commerce and
                                     Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks

                                 [1230 OG 86]