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(274) "Patents 4 Partnerships" IP Marketplace Platform Pilot Program

   The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is announcing a
pilot program: the intellectual property (IP) marketplace platform "Patents
4 Partnerships." The platform is a centralized and easily accessible
database of U.S. patents and published patent applications that are
voluntarily made available for licensing. With this new tool, the USPTO
seeks to facilitate the availability of inventions in the market by helping
identify technologies voluntarily made available for licensing and by
facilitating communications between IP owners and potential licensees.

   The Patents 4 Partnerships platform is searchable by keyword, patent
number, inventor name, and other fields and provides licensing contact
information or a link to an external website where the licensing contact
information and additional details about the invention are available. The
Patents 4 Partnerships platform is accessible at:

   The Patents 4 Partnerships platform has been populated with patents and
published patent applications that were voluntarily identified as available
for licensing by the owners in the "Patents and Patent Applications
Available for License or Sale" listings in the USPTO Official Gazette
Notices and on publicly available websites. The initial launch is limited
to patents and published patent applications related to the prevention,
diagnosis, and treatment of or protection from the coronavirus disease
(COVID-19), including disinfectants, test kits, ventilators, and components
thereof. IP owners may add additional patents and published patent
applications for these and other relevant technologies, such as machines
and methods for manufacturing and researching COVID-19 technologies, to the
platform by completing the form provided on the platform webpage. There is
no fee to add a patent or published patent application to the platform. In
addition, if a patent or published patent application is incorrectly
included in the platform as being available for licensing, a request may be
submitted via email ( to remove or correct the
entry. Because some information on the platform has been obtained from
third parties, the USPTO cannot be responsible for its accuracy. Inclusion
on the platform does not constitute legal or professional advice of any
kind. Inclusion in the database is not a representation that the technology
has been endorsed by the U.S. government or otherwise determined to be
useful or important in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The information on
the platform is not a complete listing of all technologies available for
addressing this problem and is intended for general information purposes

   The USPTO plans to test this pilot program during the next six months
and will subsequently consider whether to make the program permanent and/or
expand it to other areas of technology. The USPTO also plans to use the
pilot period to determine whether the platform should replace or supplement
the Official Gazette Notice of Patents and Patent Applications Available
for License or Sale.

   Inquiries regarding the pilot program may be directed to Marina Lamm,
Patent Attorney, Office of Policy and International Affairs, by telephone
at 571-272-5905 or by email to Inquiries
concerning the use of the Patents 4 Partnerships platform may be directed
to Scott Beliveau, Branch Chief of Enterprise Advanced Analytics, Office of
the Chief Information Officer, by telephone at 571-272-7343 or by email to

May 1, 2020                                                    ANDREI IANCU
                  Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and
                  Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

                              [1474 OG 242]