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(413)                    Iraqi Sanctions Regulations

   On January 18, 1991, the Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign
Assets Control (OFAC), published the Iraqi Sanctions Regulations
(Regulations) (31 CFR Part 575). 56 Fed. Reg. 2112. The regulations
implement Executive Orders 12722 (August 2, 1990) and 12724 (August 9,
1990) relating to certain property and transactions in which the
Government of Iraq and persons in Iraq may have an interest.
   It appears that the provisions of the Executive Orders and
Regulations prohibit transactions relating to the filing or prosecution
of applications for patents or for registration of trademarks, where an
Iraqi interest is involved. The prohibited transactions, however, may be
authorized by a specific license issued pursuant to the proceedures
described in Section 575.801 of Subpart H of the Regulations.
   This notice is intended to alert practitioners and applicants to the
prohibitions which may apply to matters before the Patent and Trademark
Office, (PTO) if Iraqi interests are involved. This notice is further
intended to advise that where such interests or potential interests come
to the attention of the PTO, an appropriate specific license from OFAC
may be required.

Jan. 29, 1991                                        HARRY F. MANBECK, Jr.
                                                   Commissioner of Patents
                                                            and Trademarks

                              [1123 OG 37]