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(334)      Notice Concerning Unavailability to the Public of the
          Patent Review Processing System on December 16-18, 2014

   The system that the public uses to file petitions for inter partes
reviews, covered business method patent reviews, post-grant reviews, and
derivation proceedings with the Office, the Patent Review Processing
System or PRPS, was unavailable from December 16 through December 18, 2014.
As a result of this unavailability, the Board posted the following notice
on its Web site to provide instructions to the public concerning how to
file papers that the public would file normally in PRPS.

   PRPS is currently down as of December 16, 2014 3:00 pm EST.

   PTAB will be extending deadlines for the parties for all matters
   that do not have statutory deadlines until the site becomes
   available. As for petition filings, patent owner responses,
   motions, and requests for rehearing (on institution decisions or
   final decisions) and any other matters that have an imposed
   deadline or statutory due date, the parties should send an e-mail to
   TRIALS@USPTO.GOV indicating the need to file one of these
   items. DO NOT send attachments. PTAB will authorize filing of
   late attachments and PTAB will change the filing dates in PRPS to
   reflect the appropriate filing date. ALL MATTERS SHOULD BE

   Accordingly, for a matter with an imposed deadline or statutory due
date, the Board deems filed, in accordance with 37 C.F.R. § 42.6(b)(1),
any paper enumerated in the notice above that was submitted in accordance
with the instructions set forth above, as of the date an e-mail was sent to indicating the need to file the paper, as long as the
paper was served on opposing counsel on the appropriate due date, and the
paper, accompanied by the appropriate fee, was subsequently submitted in
PRPS when it became available.  Any questions concerning this notice may be
directed to or (571) 272-7822.

                                                         JAMES DONALD SMITH
                                          Chief Administrative Patent Judge
                                              Patent Trial and Appeal Board

                                 [1412 OG 99]