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(130)         New or Modified Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
                   User Accounts Must Pass Verification Test

   To reduce the number of returned EFT payments, beginning on
October 8, 2006, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will
require pre-notification (pre-note) testing of banking information to
create a new EFT user account or to modify an existing EFT user account
with new banking information. EFT user accounts created prior to
October 8, 2006 will not require pre-note testing unless banking
information is modified after that date. The pre-note test is a
one-time zero-dollar transaction that verifies the accuracy of the
banking information provided by the customer before any EFT transaction
can be attempted. The pre-note process, which is commonly used by
financial institutions, will disqualify banking information that is
incorrect and account types that do not allow for EFT payments.

   This one-time pre-note process usually takes about 5-7 business
days, during which time the customer will not be able to pay from the
EFT user account. Within 7 business days, the USPTO will notify the
customer by e-mail whether the banking information could or could not
be verified.

   Once the banking information is verified, payments from the EFT
user account established with that banking information can be made
immediately. The pre-note process does not verify if sufficient funds
are available in the bank account. In the event an EFT payment is
refused or charged back by a financial institution, the $50.00
processing fee under 37 CFR 1.21(m) or 2.6(b)(12) continues to apply.

   Questions regarding this notice should be forwarded to Matthew
Lee, Director of the Receipts Accounting Division, Office of Finance,
by telephone at (571) 272-6500 or by e-mail at

September 14, 2006                                          MICHELLE PICARD
                                                Director, Office of Finance

                                 [1311 OG 66]