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(443)               Coming Soon: Lower-Cost Trademark Bulk Data from
                       U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

   The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announces plans to
provide Trademark bulk data at lower cost. Effective January 1, 2008, the
USPTO will change its distribution model for Trademark bulk data by
eliminating all charges for downloadable daily files and reducing the price
of retrospective data distributed on optical disc.

   The following Trademark data files, currently available only by
purchased subscription, will be downloadable at no cost as of January 1,

   . Trademark Daily/XML files:

      . Trademark Daily Applications file
        (containing text data of applications filed, published for
        opposition, registrations issued, registrations renewed,
        registrations cancelled, registrations amended or corrected,
        registrations issued new certificates)

      . Trademark Daily Assignments file
        (containing text data of ownership transfers)

      . Trademark Daily TTAB file
        (containing text data of Trademark Trial and Appeals Board
        adversary proceedings)

   . Trademark Daily Application Image 24 Hour Box
     (containing images processed through the Trademark Image Capture and
     Retrieval System (TICRS) in a 24-hour Period, in JPEG (black and
     white, grey-scale, or color)) and TIFF (black and white) formats)

   In order to improve access to these downloadable data files, USPTO will
implement a new account management and file retrieval system. New customers
will be able to establish their own accounts online beginning January 1;
existing customers will be transitioned to the new system.

   The USPTO also offers optical discs containing Trademark
Retrospective/XML files (Applications, Assignments, and TTAB), which are
updated annually. After January 1 these discs will be available at a
substantially lower cost; the ordering process for all optical discs will
remain as described in the products and services catalog at

   Additional details will be provided later this fall - for the latest
information, see "What's New at CIS" on the USPTO website at Please direct any
questions or comments to Electronic Information Products Division,
571-272-5600 or

                                 [1322 TMOG 218]