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(279)		       Notice Regarding Modification of
		      Time Limits Fixed in Article 22(1)

   The International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property
Organization (WIPO) has notified the United States Patent and Trademark
Office (USPTO) that the following twenty-four (24) countries have
indicated that the change to PCT Article 22 is incompatible with their
national laws:

   AU Australia 		JP Japan
   BG Bulgaria 			KR Republic of Korea
   BR Brazil 			LU Luxembourg
   CH Switzerland 		NO Norway
   CN China 			SE Sweden
   DK Denmark 			SG Singapore
   EE Estonia 			SK Slovakia
   FI Finland 			TZ United Republic of Tanzania
   GB United Kingdom 		UG Uganda
   HR Croatia 			YU Yugoslavia
   HU Hungary 			ZA South Africa
   IL Israel 			ZM Zambia

   Applicants are cautioned that a Demand for international
preliminary examination must be filed by nineteen (19) months from the
earliest claimed priority date in order to delay national stage entry
in these countries until thirty (30) months from the earliest claimed
priority date.

   For more information regarding these changes, applicant should
see the WIPO website at under
"Notifications concerning non applicability (as of April 1, 2002) of
new (30-month) time limit under modified Article 22(1)" and "FAQ's
on the effect of the modification of PCT Article 22(1) time limit."

   Applicants merely interested in postponing national stage
entry until thirty (30) months from the earliest claimed priority date
in the above listed countries, may file with the Demand, a request to
waive both the written opinion and the international preliminary
examination report with the USPTO.

March 5, 2002 						   STEPHEN G. KUNIN
						    Deputy Commissioner for
						  Patent Examination Policy

				 [1257 OG 68]