Official Gazette Notices - 03 January 1995

  1. Table of Contents
  2. PCT Information
  3. Notice of Maintenance Fees
  4. Expiration of Patents
  5. Reissue Notices
  6. Request for Reexamination Notice
  7. Certificates of Correction
  8. Special Boxes for Mail
  9. Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries
  10. Examining Corps
  11. Condition of Applications
  12. Notice of Expiration of Registrations Due to Failure to Renew
  13. Status of Appeal Cases
  14. Notification of Acceptance of Delayed Payment of Maintenance Fee
  15. Changes to Implement 20-Year Patent Term and Provisional Applications
  16. Notice of Public Hearing
  17. Adverse Decisions in Interferences
  18. Grant of Certificate of Interim Extension
  19. Availability of PatentIn Computer Program Training
  20. Trail and Appeal Board