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The Official Gazettes are composed of numerous sections. The front section consists of the text of regular and special notices, and is common to both the Patent and Trademark OGs. This is the material which can be found on this page.

Most of the rest of each OG issue consists of portions of the text and a representative image from each patent or trademark issued on that particular OG issue date. This material can be found, along with all the rest of the content of each issue, in our Web patent full-text, full-page image, and bibliographic databases, which are current for each weekly issue; and our trademark database, which is updated every two months.

The Patent Official Gazette is available in electronic form for the most recent fifty two issues and the Trademark Official Gazette is available in electronic form for the most recent five issues.

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Consolidated Listing 1964-1998

The Consolidated Listing is a compilation of the more important notices and rule changes which were published in the Official Gazette from July 1, 1964, through December 31, 1998. These notices and rule changes are currently in effect unless otherwise noted.

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