Class 136: BATTERIES: THERMOELECTRIC AND PHOTOELECTRIC ( Manual of U.S. Patent Classification )

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Manual of U.S. Patent Classification
as of June 30, 2000


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Subclass Title
201[Patents] . Processes
202[Patents] . Nuclear energy type
203[Patents] . Peltier effect device
204[Patents] . . Including additional heat exchange means
205[Patents] . Electric power generator
206[Patents] . . Solar energy type
207[Patents] . . Including an electric heater
208[Patents] . . Plural junction concentrically or annularly arranged around source of temperature differential
209[Patents] . . . Plural concentrically arranged fluid source conduits
210[Patents] . . . . At least one conduit for liquid coolant
211[Patents] . . Plural hot or cold junction arranged in a single line
212[Patents] . . Plural hot or cold junctions arranged in a single plane
213[Patents] . Radiation pyrometer
214[Patents] . . Including a ray concentrator (e.g., lens, mirror, etc.)
215[Patents] . . . Lens type
216[Patents] . . Evacuated
217[Patents] . Including a pilot burner
218[Patents] . . Having moving fluid (e.g., air, fuel, liquid, etc.) cooling means for cold junction
219[Patents] . . Thermocouple extends through fuel supply conduit
220[Patents] . . Thermopile-containing
221[Patents] . Including means to resiliently press junction element against sensed surface
222[Patents] . Including means to standardize nonsensing junction by heating or cooling
223[Patents] . Having an evacuated space
224[Patents] . Thermopile
225[Patents] . . Having strip, film or plate-type thermocouples
226[Patents] . . Having wound wire-type thermocouples
227[Patents] . . Two or more couples of dissimilar composition
228[Patents] . One junction element surrounded by another junction element
229[Patents] . Having additional contact means for sensing solid work
230[Patents] . Having housing, mounting or support
231[Patents] . . Including sample port for sensed material
232[Patents] . . Covered and sealed sensor junction
233[Patents] . . . Contacting covering over junction (e.g., embedded, coated, etc.)
234[Patents] . . . Molten metal immersion type
235[Patents] . . Thermocouple leads having disengageable pressure-type electrical connectors
236.1[Patents] . Having particular thermoelectric composition
237[Patents] . . Having particular bonding material for junction
238[Patents] . . Chalcogenide containing (S, O, Te, Se)
239[Patents] . . Group IV element containing (C, Si, Ti, Ge, Zr, Sn, Hf, Pb)
240[Patents] . . Group V metal containing (V, As, Nb, Sb, Ta, Bi)
241[Patents] . . Group IB metal containing (Cu, Ag, Au)
242[Patents] . Adjuncts
244[Patents] . Panel or array
245[Patents] . . Lightweight and collapsible or foldable
246[Patents] . . With concentrator, orientator, reflector, or cooling means
247[Patents] . . . Fluorescent concentrator
248[Patents] . . . Hybrid conversion system
249[Patents] . . Monolithic semiconductor
250[Patents] . . Particulate or spherical semiconductor
251[Patents] . . Encapsulated or with housing
252[Patents] . Cells
253[Patents] . . Radioactive, ionic, or thermo photo
254[Patents] . . Photoemissive, capacitive, magnetic, or ferroelectric
255[Patents] . . Schottky, graded doping, plural junction or special junction geometry
256[Patents] . . Contact, coating, or surface geometry
257[Patents] . . . Luminescent layer or optical filter
258[Patents] . . Polycrystalline or amorphous semiconductor
259[Patents] . . With concentrator, housing, cooling means, or encapsulated
260[Patents] . . Cadmium containing
261[Patents] . . Silicon or germanium containing
262[Patents] . . Gallium containing
263[Patents] . . Organic active material containing
264[Patents] . . Selenium or tellurium containing
265[Patents] . . Copper, lead, or zinc containing
292[Patents] . Space - satellite
293[Patents] . Circuits

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