Attention: Cheryl Black

A Commissioner for Trademarks

Comments for Madrid rules of practice to implement Madrid Protocol

Since prehistoric times, and since mans existence, his innate and natural curiosity to overcome difficulty and to improve himself has led him to discover and develop different elements and share them with others. Maybe one of the first discoveries resulted from confronting a more powerful enemy and realizing that, with a broken tree branch, he could defeat that enemy.

Later, he realized that a tree could be used to carry the weight of the wheel. This is how he moved on, since eagerness and curiosity have no limits. Then; fire, steam, fuel engines (first external, them internal), communication, the telegraph, the telephone, the transistor, the internet. Each time inventions become more complex, there is a greater need for technical teams to develop elements, electric circuits that will guide complex mecanisms to build a racing car, not only for sports, but for commercial purposes. There's a need for technicians with an esthetic sense, and mathematicians who are experts in applied mathematics, experts in flow meters, in trigonometry spherical, in materials, in electronics circuits, electricity, hydraulics, aerodynamics.....

In our world, many needs have been looked after, but there are many more that haven't. Nowadays, time is money, and it cannot be spent in the design of exhaustive jobs, and later find out that it has already been made by a neighbor with better quality. For this reason, I'd like to congratulate the Under Secretary and Director for USPTO, James E. Rogan, for the 21st Century Strategic Plan, which focuses on quality.

We need to know that what we are doing has not been done by somebody else.
Otherwise, we'd be wasting our time. What is more, if more countries integrate the exchange of information and legal protection, we will be able to approach more companies with the required design guaranteed by USPTO. If more countries integrate this exchange, we'll get rid of world smuggling of inventions.

Presently, some countries steal inventions from other countries for legal protection and shell them. Then become rich, making a better living than those who actually worked on the invention. It is for this reason that I congratulate Madrid and USPTO for the decisions made for the achievements and its executive's vision of the future.

Good Luck.

Anibal R. Banfi
Technicist Projector
Painter and Sculptor