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Symposium on the
Internet and Intellectual Property Crime

March 1-3, 2001

Hotel Russell, Russell Square - London, England


Sponsored by:

The United States Patent and Trademark Office

in Cooperation with:

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe -
Advisory Group on the Protection and Implementation of Intellectual Property Rights for Investment


The United Kingdom Patent Office

and the Following Industry Supporters:

The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition

Program Topics:

Day One:
The Challenge of the Internet

Day Two: Enforcement in the Digital Age

Day Three: Structural and Cooperative Solutions



Simultaneous Translation in English and Russian

Mission Statement:

Intellectual property rights play an increasingly important role in economic and technological development and cultural expression. With the advent and exponential growth of the Internet, these critical rights are subject to an unprecedented global assault, threatening the value of those rights to our citizens, companies, and governments.

The purpose of this three-day Symposium is to serve as a forum for government and business leaders to meet to share their experiences and expertise in the enforcement of intellectual property rights, and to learn about the latest technological advances in the commission and investigation of intellectual property crimes.

The goals of the Symposium are to present a balanced view of the economic, political, and social challenges inherent in addressing these crimes, and to illustrate the need for cooperative international solutions.

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Attendance: 200 maximum

The 200 spaces will be divided as evenly as possible between the government and private sector representatives.


The U.S. Government and other contributors will sponsor some of the government attendees. Other government attendees must pay their own transportation and accommodation costs, but will be invited to attend the seminar free-of-charge. Private sector attendees will be charged a fee calculated to cover the costs associated with their portion of the meals, facility rental, materials, and other program fees.


As of Monday, January 22, 2001, speakers named in the agenda are confirmed, unless otherwise noted.

Organization of the Symposium:

The seminar will take place in a single room and will consist of a series of 90-minute plenary sessions, with 30-minute coffee breaks and 90-minute lunch breaks designed to provide opportunities for discussion. A second room has been reserved to host a "trade fair", where private and public sector speakers and other pre-registered groups may display materials that showcase their Internet and other enforcement efforts. Speakers' organization may display free-of-charge. Others will be charged a nominal fee (200 USD) to cover costs.


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Thursday, March 1, 2001

The Challenge of the Internet / Day One Moderator: Mr. Robert Stoll

 8:00 - 9:15 Registration - Magpie Links Co. U.K.

 9:30 - 10:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks

The Honorable Robert Stoll
Administrator for External Affairs
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
(Washington, D.C., U.S.A.)

The Honorable Irina Savelieva
Deputy Chair, Moscow City Bar Association, Russia
and Chairman, UN/ECE Intellectual Property Advisory Group
(Moscow, Russia)

The Honorable Alison Brimelow
Chief Executive
The United Kingdom Patent Office
(London, England) 

 10:00 - 11:30 Topic One: The Internet

Internet Architecture - Mr. Paul Kane, General Manager, Internet ONE (London, England)

The Internet and Transition Economies - Mr. Daewon Choi, Economic Affairs Officer, Trade Division, UN/ECE Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development Section

 11:30 - 12:00 Coffee Break - Roundtables

 12:00 - 13:15 Topic Two: The Challenges of the Internet and Globalization

Using the Internet to Enhance Competitiveness - Mr. Stephen Jennings, Former Trademarks Manager, Gillette (London, England)

Challenges of the Internet and Globalization - Ms. Hannah Ward, IP Enforcement Paralegal, Electronic Arts (Washington D.C., U.S.A)

The Role of Governments - The Honorable Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyright, U.S. Copyright Office (Washington, DC, USA) (invited)

 13:30 - 15:00 Luncheon

Speaker: Mr. Mihály Ficsor - Copyright,the Internet and "Transition Countries": Change and Continuity

 15:15 - 16:45 Topic Three: Intellectual Property Protection and the Internet

European Union Directives - Mr. Jörg Reinbothe, Head of Unit, DG Internal Market, European Commission, European Union (Brussels, Belgium)

TRIPS Standards - Work Program on Electronic Comerce - Mr. Matthew Kennedy, Legal Affairs Officer, Intellectual Property Division, World Trade Organization (Geneva, Switzerland)

Intellectual Property Protection for the Digital Economy: the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Mr. Michael Keplinger, Senior Counsel, United States Patent and Trademark Office (Washington, DC, USA)

WIPO Copyright Treaty and Performances and Phonograms Treaty - Mr. Michael Keplinger, Senior Counsel, USPTO (Washington, DC, USA)

International Harmonization Efforts and Their Impact - Ms. Cynthia Cannady, Director, Electronic Commerce Division, World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva, Switzerland)

 16:45 -17:15 Coffee Break - Roundtables

 17:15 - 18:30 Topic Four: Intellectual Property Enforcement Issues and the Internet

Trademark Issues - Mr. Jacques Bessy, Louis Vuitton (Paris, France)

Copyright Issues Ms. Alessandra Silvestro, Vice President, Legal Affairs, AOL Time Warner Europe

Consumer Protection Issues - Mr. Anthony Murphy, Director of Copyright, The U.K. Patent Office

European Commission Action Plan to Combat Counterfeiting and Piracy - Mr. Rogier Wezenbeek, European Commission

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Friday, March 2, 2001

Enforcement in the Digital Age / Day Two Moderator: Ms. Irina Savelieva

 9:30 - 11:00 Topic Five: Intellectual Property Crime in Cyberspace

A Proposal of Integrated Enforcement Strategy Against New Millennium Piracy Ms. Claudia Pavoletti, Anti-Piracy Manager, BSA Europe (Milan, Italy)

Trademark Crimes on the Internet - Ms. Susan F. Wilson, Senior Policy Counsel, International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (Washington, DC, USA)

Jurisdiction Issues (civil and criminal case examples) - Italian Magistrate Dr. Andrea Calice (Turin, Italy)

 11:00 - 11:30 Coffee Break - Roundtables

 11:30 - 13:00 Topic Six: Challenges of Conducting Internet Investigations: Resources, Electronic Evidence, and Cooperation Issues

Ms. Margo Miller, Attorney, Covington & Burling, BSA European Internet Counsel (London, England)

The Customs Perspective - Ms. Sharon Mole, Customs Policy Advisor, HMCE, UK

The U. S. Customs Cyber-Smuggling Program - Mr. Philip Osborne, Senior Special Agent, Cyber-Smuggling Center, U.S. Customs Service (Washington, DC, USA)

13:15 - 14:45 Luncheon

Speaker: Professor Doris Long, John Marshall Law School (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
"The Impact of Electronic Commerce on the Intellectual Property System"

 15:00 - 16:30 Topic Seven: Internet Investigations - International Standards and Cooperation

Electronic Evidence Issues - Mr. Mark Richard, Counselor, Criminal Justice Matters, US Mission to the European Union (USEC)

Law Enforcement View - D/Sgt Nigel Jones, Head, Kent Police Computer Crime Unit

Repercussions for Industry - Mr. Nils Bortloff, International Federation of Phonogram Industries

 16:30 -17:00 Coffee Break - Roundtables

 17:00 - 18:30 Topic Eight: Political Will and Public Awareness

IP Crime Goes Global: Marshaling a Robust Enforcement Response:
- Ms. Roslyn Mazer, Special Counsel for IP, Criminal Division,
      U.S. Department of Justice (Clinton Administration);
- Christopher Painter, Deputy Chief, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section,
      U.S. Department of Justice (Washington, DC, USA); and
Representative from PSI

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Saturday, March 3, 2001

Structural and Cooperative Solutions / Moderator Day Three: Ms. Judith Sullivan, Assistant Director Copyright, The U.K. Patent Office

 10:00 - 11:00 Topic Nine: Dispute Resolution: Civil and Administrative Issues

The Mechanism - WIPO Arbitration Center - Ms. Cynthia Cannady, Director, Electronic Commerce Division, World Intellectual Property Organisation (Geneva, Switzerland)

The Government Perspective - Ms. Vicki Elaine Allums, Senior Attorney, Office of Legislative and International Affairs, USPTO (Washington, DC, USA)

Trademarks and Domain Names - Issues and Recent Case Law in Italy - Mr. Domenico Sindico, Partner, Rossotto and Associates, Italy and Vice-Chairman, UN/ECE IP Advisory Group (Rome, Italy)

Judicial and Administrative Determination of Domain Name Rights in the United States - Mr. Anthony LoCicero, Partner, Amster, Rothstein, Ebenstein (New York, New York, USA)

 11:00 - 11:15 Coffee Break - Roundtables

 11:15 - 12:15 Topic Ten: Privacy Issues: Corporate Practice, Law Enforcement Effectiveness, and Social Policy

EU Data Protection and Privacy Rules: Perspectives from the Copyright Sector - Mr. Ted Shapiro, General Counsel, Motion Picture Association (Brussels, Belgium)

The Treatment of Personal Data in the Internet and Legal Implications - Mr. Luciano Daffarra, General Secretary, FAPAV (Milan, Italy)

Privacy Issues - Ms. Pamela Morey-Nase, Executive, Rouse & Co. International (London, England)

 12:15 - 13:15 Topic Eleven: Training and Technical Assistance

Ms. Barbara Baker, Program Manager, UN/ECE IP Advisory Group (London, England)

Ms. Francesca Toso Dunant, Head of the Distance Learning Program, WIPO Worldwide Academy (Geneva, Switzerland)

Mr. Michael L. Smith, Economics Officer, Intellectual Property Competition Division, U.S. Department of State (Washington, DC, USA)

Mr. Claude Gaillard, General Manager - PHARE and TACIS Programmes Intellectual Property

 13.30 - 15:00 Final Luncheon and Close of Symposium (Brief Administrative Remarks)

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