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Listing of Action Papers
Item Category Description
1 E-Government 1 Trademark E-Government
2 E-Government 2 Patent E-Government
3 E-Government 3 Post-Grant Patent Review E-Processing
4 E-Government 4 Information Technology Security Program
5 E-Government 5 Data Replication for High Availability and Disaster Recovery
6 Work-at-Home 1 Trademark Work-At-Home
7 Flexibility 1 Initial and PG-Pub Classification of Newly Received Applications
8 Flexibility 2 Support for Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Search Activity
9 Flexibility 3 Competitively Source Reclassification Functions and Transition to International Patent Classification System
10 Flexibility 4 Competitive Sourcing of Trademark Pre-Examination Processing Related to Paper Applications
11 Global Development 1 Pursuit of Substantive Patent Law Harmonization
12 Global Development 2 Other Bilateral/Multilateral Agreements
13 Global Development 3 Patent Cooperation Treaty Reform
14 Global Development 4 International Cooperation: E-Filing and Classification of Goods/Services
15 Work Sharing 1 Proposed Procedures to Implement Exploitation of Search Program
16 Transformation 1 Enterprise Training Strategy
17 Transformation 2 Competitive Compensation Packages for Supervisory Patent Examiners and Managers
18 Transformation 3 Examining Attorney Performance Appraisal Plan
19 Transformation 4 Transform the Workforce by Exploring Alternative Organizational Concepts and Structures
20 Transformation 5 Certification of Knowledge, Skills and Ability in Patent Process to Ensure Proper Hiring, Retention, and Promotion of Patent Examiners
21 Transformation 6 Certification of Knowledge, Skills and Ability in Trademark Process
22 Transformation 7 Implementation of Pre-Employment Testing for Patent Examiners
23 Transformation 8 Interim Implementation of Pre-Employment Testing for Patent Examiners
24 Transformation 9 Re-Certification of Knowledge, Skills and Ability of Primary Examiners, Including Legal and Automation Training of Primary Examiners
25 Transformation 10 Certification of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) of Examiners Before Promotion to GS-13
26 Transformation 11 Improve the Selection and Training of Supervisory Patent Examiners
27 Quality 1 Enhance Current Quality Assurance Program by Integrating Reviews to cover all Stages of Examination
28 Quality 2 Expand Reviews of Primary Examiner Work
29 Quality 3 Patent Quality Improvement: Expansion of the Second-Pair-of-Eyes Review
30 Quality 4 Trademark Quality Improvement: In Process Review and Second-Pair-of-Eyes
31 Quality 5 Evaluation of Search Quality
32 Quality 6 Surveying Practitioners on Specific Applications
33 Quality 7 Enhance the Reviewable Record
34 Quality 8 Certification of Searching Authorities
35 Pendency 1 Transforming Work: The E-Government Work Place
36 Pendency 2 Multi-Track Patent Examination Process
37 Pendency 3 Achieve Greater Examiner Productivity
38 Accelerated Examination 1 Accelerated Patent Examination
39 Shared Responsibility 1 Fee Restructuring
40 Shared Responsibility 2 Post-Grant Review of Patent Claims
41 Legislative/Rules 1 Unity of Invention
42 Legislative/Rules 1a Simplification of Patent Term Adjustment
43 Legislative/Rules 1b Assignee Filing Allow Assignee to Make the Application and Sign the Oath
44 Legislative/Rules 1c Monitor Practitioner Adherence to Rules of Practice: Periodic Recertification for Registered PractitionersMonitor Practitioner Adherence to Rules of Patent Practice: Disciplinary Initiatives
45 Legislative/Rules 1d Elimination of the Interference Bar Created by Application Publications
46 Legislative/Rules 1e Technical Correction in 35 U.S.C. 119(e)(1)
47 Legislative/Rules 1f Permit Assignees to File Broadening Reissue
48 Legislative/Rules 1g Delete Requirement for Physical Surrender of the Patent
49 Legislative/Rules 1h Eighteen-Month Publication Elimination of Non-Publication and Redaction Exceptions and Exclusions of Plant Applications
50 Legislative/Rules 1i Trademark Legislative and Rulemaking Issues
NOTE: Available Implementation Plans are embedded at the ends of their corresponding Action Plans
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