United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 04 April 2006

                        Reclassification Alert Report

   This report is a summary of classification changes
which became effective by issuance of Classification Orders from
January through March 2006. Information includes:

   . 3 subclasses established or abolished (major changes)
   . 3 subclass title, indent, or position changes
   . 3 changes to existing classes and subclass definitions (minor

   This Reclassification Alert Report may appear from time
to time in the Official Gazette and is intended to provide an interim
notice of classification changes pending publication of the Manual of
Classification and revisions thereto.

   The general public may purchase copies of Classification Orders or
Classification Definitions by contacting the Editorial Division at
571-272-7810 or 571-272-7807. Payment can be made through a Deposit
Account, or by check made payable to "Commissioner of Patents and
Trademarks" and sent to:

        Chief, Editorial Division
        Office of Classification Support
        U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
        Madison West, Room 8A65
        P.O. Box 1450
        Alexandria, VA 22313-1450


                             JANUARY-MARCH 2006

                FIRST           LAST                            ORDER
CLASS           SUBCLASS        SUBCLASS        ACTION          NUMBER

2               8                               ABOLISH         1854
2               8.1             8.8             ESTABLISH       1854
57                                              DEFN CHANGE     1854
428                                             DEFN CHANGE     1854
D09             509             515             ABOLISH         1853
D09             516                             TITLE CHANGE    1853
D09             763             783             ESTABLISH       1853
D09             901             907             ESTABLISH       1853
D23             211.1                           ESTABLISH       1853
D23             211.2                           ESTABLISH       1853
D32             29.1                            ESTABLISH       1853
D32             30                              TITLE CHANGE    1853