The following is a compilation of the more important notices and rule
changes which have been published in the Official Gazette from July 1, 
1964, through December 31, 1998. These notices and rule changes are 
currently in effect unless otherwise noted.
                                   CONTENTS                           ITEM
Information and Correspondence                                        1-54
Fees and Payment of Money                                            55-68
Application Contents                                                 69-85
Examination of Applications                                         86-113
Miscellaneous                                                      113-146
Trademark Fastener Insignia Register                               147-151
Trademark Application Examination and
    Content                                                        152-160
Trademark Post-Registration                                        161-167
Trademark Correspondence and Filing                                168-175
Trademark Information and Services                                 176-192
Trademark Trial and Appeal Board                                   193-202
Trademark Publications                                             203-208
Trademark Miscellaneous                                            209-234
Index (Pages 513-515)