(226)               Recording of "Territorial Assignments"
                   in the Assignment Division of the Patent
                             and Trademark Office 

   It has been the practice of the Assignment Division for many years 
to refuse to record "territorial assignments," that is, assignments 
purporting to transfer rights in a trademark registration (not a 
concurrent use registration) for less than the entire United States. 
Hereinafter, such documents will be recorded as long as the requirements 
of the Rules of Practice are met by the documents submitted.
   The Office is not addressing the validity or effect of such documents
by recording same, but is merely recognizing that such transfers may
affect title to a registered mark and therefore ought to be recorded. At
the time a Section 8 affidavit or declaration or an application for
renewal is filed, the Examiner of Trademarks will consider the effect of
such a document.

Oct. 7, 1977                                             BERNARD A. MEANY
                                                   Assistant Commissioner
                                                           for Trademarks

                                 [964 TMOG 8]