(206)               Change in Official Gazette Entry to Show
                  Cancellation of Fewer Than All Classes in a
                          Multiple Class Registration

   Effective with the Official Gazette issue of December 16, 1980, there 
will be a change in the Official Gazette listing entitled "Trademark 
Registrations Cancelled." Beginning with that issue, "Trademark 
Registrations Cancelled" will list:
   (1) single class registrations cancelled;
   (2) multiple class registrations cancelled in all classes;
   (3) multiple class registrations cancelled in fewer than all
   For every entry in the listing, the specific classes cancelled will be
included in parentheses, next to the registration number and mark.
   For a single class registration and for a multiple class registration
in which every class has been cancelled, the class number(s) shown in
parentheses will represent every class to which the registration applied.
   For a multiple class registration in which fewer than all classes
have been cancelled, the Official Gazette entry will include the word
"only" following the notation of classes in parentheses, for example:
(Int. Cls. 12 and 20, only). In this example, the addition of the word
"only" would indicate that there are classes in the registration in
addition to Classes 12 and 20, but only Classes 12 and 20 have been

Oct. 29, 1980.                                        MARGARET M. LAURENCE
                                                    Assistant Commissioner
                                                            for Trademarks

                                [1000 TMOG 21]