(205)                   Single Copies of the Trademark
                               Official Gazette

   Members of the public ordering single copies of the Trademark 
Official Gazette from the Superintendent of Documents are reminded 
they must specify the date of the issue being ordered.
   The date of the issue in which a mark will be published for
opposition is shown on The Notice of Publication form mailed to
applicants approximately two weeks before the publication date. This
date must be included on each single copy order.
   Orders received without an issue date may be filled from current
weekly stock. The Superintendent of Documents cannot check on whether a
particular mark is published in the issue then in stock. If the stock is
exhausted at the time the order is received, the order will be returned

Mar. 3, 1981                                          MARGARET M. LAURENCE
                                                    Assistant Commissioner
                                                            for Trademarks

                                [1004 TMOG 36]