(188)                Public User Identification Passes
                        USPTO Public Search Facilities

   The USPTO Public Search Services Division, responsible for the public 
search facilities in the Patent Search Room and the Trademark Search 
Library, is installing the new User Identification Pass system announced 
in the Official Gazette dated January 6, 1998. This system will replace the 
current passes used in the facilities with a new user number and a 
laminated identification badge. Later reissues of the badge are expected to 
add a photo of the user. Badges will be reissued every January upon 
validating and updating identification information. Information will be 
digitally stored so that validation and reissue will be speedy. There is a 
$15 fee for replacement of lost or forgotten badges; first issue and annual 
reissues are without fee. Badges must be visible at all times within the 
Patent Office building complex. The new user numbers will be used by the 
File Information Unit for public users requesting and checking out files.
   Patrons using the Patent and Trademark Public Search Facilities as well
as office areas must obtain a new badge before entering the Patent and
Trademark Office complex. The process takes five to ten minutes for a
first time issue. Effective immediately, equipment is available to issue
the new badges for both patent and trademark public users at the Patent
Search Room Reception Desk in Crystal Plaza 3, Lobby. The Patent Search
Room is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM. The new User
Passes will be required after August 15, 1998; old passes will not be
valid after this date.

August 3, 1998                                             WESLEY H. GEWEHR
                                                          Administrator for
                                                  Information Dissemination

                                [1214 TMOG 145]