(181)                    TRADEMARK STATUS INFORMATION

   The Trademark Status Line (703) 557-8747 provides status and status 
date information for all Trademark applications and registrations to 
users with touch tone telephones. The Trademark Status Line is available 
from 6:30 A.M. to midnight (Eastern Standard Time), Monday through Friday.
   The following is a listing of the status text provided by the
Trademark Status Line for each corresponding status code in the TRAM
system and the usual location of the file when it is in each status. All
information in parenthesis is explanatory and is not part of the status
text. All status codes followed by a "*" are within the blackout period
for filing Amendments to Allege Use in Intent to Use applications. All
status codes followed by a "^" apply to Intent to Use applications only.

Status  Status                                               Usual File
Code    Text                                                 Location

600     Abandoned-Incomplete
601     Abandoned-Express                                    Warehouse
602     Abandoned-Failure to Respond                         Warehouse
603     Abandoned-After ex parte Appeal                      Warehouse
604     Abandoned-After inter partes decision                Warehouse
605     Abandoned-After Publication                          Warehouse
606^    Abandoned-No Statement of Use filed                  Warehouse
607^    Abandoned-Defective Statement of use                 Warehouse
608     Abandoned-After Petition Decision                    Warehouse
609     Abandoned-Defective Divided Application              Warehouse
612     Petition to Revive-received                          TMEO Dir
614     Abandoned-Petition to revive denied                  Warehouse
616     Revived-Awaiting Further Action                      Law Office
618     Abandoned File-Backfile                              Warehouse
        (Indicates the application existed when the 
        TRAM database was created and it is abandoned 
        but the reason for the abandonment is unknown.)      Warehouse
620     Backfile application added to database
        Status not recorded.
        (Indicates the application existed when the 
        TRAM database was created and the status is 
        unknown at this time.)
622     Misassigned Serial Number                            File Cover
        (Indicates that the subject serial number was        Destroyed
        assigned in error and cancelled. File contents 
        were returned to submitter or transferred to
        another serial number.) 
624     Registered-Backfile                                  Warehouse
        (Indicates the registration existed when the 
        TRAM database was created and remains registered 
        at this time.)  
625     Registration added to the data base Status unclear   Warehouse
        (Indicates the registration status is unknown at 
        this time.)     
626     Registered-Backfile cancelled or expired             Warehouse
        (Indicates the registration is no longer active but 
        the reason for this is unknown.)        
630     New Application-Record initialized not assigned to   Law Office
631     New Application-Divided-Initial processing           ITU Unit
        (Indicates a divisional request has been received 
        and is being processed.)        
632     Informal Application                                 Pre-Exam
        (Indicates that the application filed was 
638     New Application-Assigned to an examiner              Law Office
640     Non-final action counted-Not mailed                  Law Office
641     Non-final action-Mailed                              Law Office
643     Previous action/approval count withdrawn             Law Office
        (Indicates the Examiner has withdrawn an Office 
        Action or approval.)    
644     Final refusal counted-Not mailed                     Law Office
645     Final refusal-Mailed                                 Law Office
646     Examiner's amendment counted-Not mailed              Law Office
647     Examiner's amendment-Mailed                          Law Office
648     Action continuing Final counted-Not mailed           Law Office
649     Action continuing Final-Mailed                       Law Office
650     Suspension inquiry counted-Not mailed                Law Office
651     Suspension inquiry-Mailed                            Law Office
652     Suspension letter counted-Not mailed                 Law Office
653     Suspension letter-Mailed                             Law Office
654     Report completed suspension check-Case still         Law Office
661     Response after non-Final action-Entered              Law Office
663     Response after Final rejection-Entered               Law Office
665     Notice of unresponsive amendment-Counted             Law Office
666     Notice of unresponsive amendment-Mailed              Law Office
667     Refusal withdrawal letter-Counted                    Law Office
        (Refers to an Office Action which withdraws a 
        refusal after an ex parte appeal has been filed.)    
668     Refusal withdrawal letter-Mailed                     Law Office
        (Refers to an Office Action which withdraws a 
        refusal after an ex parte appeal has been filed.)    
672     Reinstated-Awaiting further action                   Law Office
        (Refers to an application which was reinstated 
        after an abandonment due to PTO error.) 
680*    Approved for publication                             Law Office
        (By the examiner)       
681*    Publication/Registration review complete             Pub. and 
        (By the Law Office Clerk)                            Issue
686*    Published for Opposition                             Pub. and 
688^    Notice of Allowance-Issued                           ITU Unit
689*^   Notice of Allowance-Withdrawn                        Pub. and 
690*^   Notice of Allowance-Cancelled                        Pub. and 
692*    Withdrawn from publication
693*    Withdrawn from registration-Jurisdiction restored    Law Office
        (To Examiner)                                        
694*    Withdrawn from registration
700     Registered                                           Warehouse
701     Section 8-Accepted                                   Post Reg.
702     Section 8 and 15-accepted and acknowledged           Post Reg.
703     Section 15-acknowledged                              Post Reg.
704     Partial Section 8 accepted                           Post Reg.
705     Partial Section 8 and 15 accepted and acknowledged   Post Reg.
710     Cancelled-Section 8                                  Warehouse
711     Cancelled-Section 7(d)                               Warehouse
712     Cancelled by court Order under Section 37            Warehouse
713     Cancelled-Section 18                                 Warehouse
714     Cancelled-Section 24                                 Warehouse
715     Cancelled-Restored to Pendency                       Law Office
        (Indicates the subject registration number was 
        assigned in error and correction requires 
        restoration of the appliaction to pendency)          
716     Inadvertently issued registration number-Cancelled   
        (Indicates the subject registration number was 
        assigned in error and has been cancelled.)
718^    Request for first extension-Filed                    ITU Unit
719^    Request for second extension-Filed                   ITU Unit
720^    Request for third extension-Filed                    ITU Unit
721^    Request for fourth extension-Filed                   ITU Unit
722^    Request for fifth extension-Filed                    ITU Unit
724^    Extension request refusal-Counted not mailed         ITU Unit
725^    Extension request refusal-Mailed                     ITU Unit
730^    First Extension-Granted                              ITU Unit
731^    Second Extension-Granted                             ITU Unit
732^    Third Extension-Granted                              ITU Unit
733^    Fourth Extension-Granted                             ITU Unit
734^    Fifth Extension-Granted                              ITU Unit
740     Post registration paper filed-Assigned to paralegal  Post Reg.
744^    Statement of Use-Filed                               ITU Unit
745^    Statement of Use-Informal-Letter mailed              ITU Unit
746^    Statement of Use-Informal-Response entered           ITU Unit
747^    Statement of Use-ITU processing complete             Law Office
        (Indicates pre-exam processing of the Statement 
        of Use at the ITU Unit is complete.)                 
748^    Statement of Use-To examiner (For Examination)       Law Office
752^    Statement of Use-Examiner statement counted-Not      Law Office
753^    Statement of Use-Examiner Statement-Mailed           Law Office
756     Examiner statement counted-Not mailed                Law Office
757     Examiner statement-Mailed                            Law Office
760     Ex parte appeal pending                              TTAB
762     Ex parte appeal-Refusal reversed                     TTAB
763     Ex parte appeal-Refusal affirmed                     TTAB
764     Ex parte appeal dismissed as moot                    TTAB
765*    Concurrant use proceeding terminated-Granted         TTAB
766*    Concurrant use proceeding terminated-Denied          TTAB
771*    Concurrent use proceeding pending                    TTAB
772*    Interference proceeding pending                      TTAB
773*    Interference proceeding terminated                   TTAB
774*    Opposition pending                                   TTAB
775*    Opposition dismissed                                 TTAB
777*    Opposition terminated-See TTAB records               TTAB
778     Cancellation dismissed                               TTAB
779*    Opposition sustained                                 TTAB
780     Cancellation terminated-See TTABrecords              TTAB
782^    Statement of Use-Opposition Decided-Entry            TTAB
        of Judgement Deferred   
783^    Statement of Use-Cancellation Decided-Entry          TTAB
        of Judgement Deferred   
784^    Statement of Use-Interference Decided-Entry          TTAB
        of judgement deferred   
785^    Statement of Use-Concurrant Use Decided-Entry        TTAB
        of Judgement Deferred   
790     Cancellation Pending                                 TTAB
794     Jurisdiction restored to examiner                    Law Office
800     Renewed Post Reg.
801*    Opposition instituted                                TTAB
802*    Request for extension of time to file opposition     TTAB
803*    Amendment after publication                          TM Service
806^    Statement of Use-Non-final action counted-Not mailed Law Office
807^    Statement of Use-Non-final action-Mailed             Law Office
808^    Statement of Use-Final refusal counted-Not mailed    Law Office
809^    Statement of Use-Final refusal-Mailed                Law Office
810^    Statement of Use-Examiner's amendment                Law Office
        counted-Not mailed      
811^    Statement of Use-Examiner's amendment-Mailed         Law Office
812^    Statement of Use-Action continuing final             Law Office
        counted-Not mailed      
813^    Statement of Use-Action continuing final-Mailed      Law Office
814^    Statement of Use-Response after non-final            Law Office
815^    Statement of Use-Response after final                Law Office
816^    Statement of Use-Notice of unresponsive              Law Office
        amendment-Counted-Not mailed    
817^    Statement of Use-Notice of unresponsive              Law Office
818^    Statement of Use accepted-Approved for Registration  Law Office
        (By the Examiner)       
819^    Statement of Use-Registration review complete        Pub. and 
        (By the Law Office Clerk)                            Issue
900     Expired (Refers to registration that were not        Warehouse

December 3, 1990                                        JEFFREY M. SAMUELS
                                     Assistant Commissioner for Trademarks

                                [1122 TMOG 568]