(179)                  Patent and Trademark Office Services

   In order to provide improved services to trademark applicants, 
registrants, and the general public, the Patent and Trademark Office 
plans to implement a pilot program called the "Trademark Assistance 
Center." The Center will provide general information about the trademark 
registration process and will respond to inquiries pertaining to the 
status of specific trademark applications and registrations. The 
location of the Center is 2900 Crystal Drive, 4B10, Arlington, Va. 
22202-3513. Assistance may be obtained in-person or by dialing (703) 
308-9000, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, 
except holidays. Opening of the Center is planned for October 3, 1994. 
Please note that personal assistance concerning trademark as well as 
patent matters will continue to be available at 308-HELP and recorded 
information will continue to be available at (703) 557-INFO. Also, 
automated information about the status of trademark applications and 
registrations will continue to be available at (703) 305-8747.

September 7, 1994                                    PHILIP G. HAMPTON, II
                                                    Assistant Commissioner
                                                            for Trademarks

                                [1167 TMOG 27]