(174)                 Change of Correspondence Address in
                            Trademark Applications

   Applicants are reminded that when an application is filed and a 
correspondence address is entered in the Official record, correspondence 
will continue to be sent to such address until the applicant or party, 
or the attorney-at-law or other authorized representative of the 
applicant or party, indicates in writing that correspondence is to be 
sent to another address. 37 CFR Section 2.18. The filing of a response 
to an Office action on letterhead stationery that indicates a different 
address from the correspondence address of record is insufficient notice 
that correspondence is to be sent to another address. Specific language 
is needed which can reasonably be interpreted to be a request to change 
the address. See TMEP Section 603.
   If a power of attorney has been filed in an application, a
subsequently filed power of attorney will be regarded as a written
request to change the correspondence address, even if there is no
specific language changing the address or revoking the prior power of
attorney. See TMEP Section 603.

May 15, 1986                                          MARGARET M. LAURENCE
                                                    Assistant Commissioner
                                                            for Trademarks

                                 [1067 TMOG 7]