(136)                       Customer Feedback Card
  In an effort to support the reengineering of the patent process at the
Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) (see Official Gazette Notice entitled
"Reengineering the Patent Process" at 1187 Off. Gaz. Pat. Office 37
(June 11, 1996)), the PTO is piloting a Customer Feedback Card to
measure customer satisfaction on various Patent Reengineering projects.
The Customer Feedback Card prototype is intended to be a universal tool
for gathering customer comments and is designed to promote a high-level
response rate and encourage customer participation. The initial
prototype will be used during the upcoming months to gather customer
feedback concerning the Patent Assistance Center. Customers will be
randomly selected to anonymously provide feedback on their satisfaction
with PTO's products and services.

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June 5, 1996                                      FRED SCHMIDT, Director
                                        Office of Strategic Planning and
                                                    Patent Reengineering

                                 [1188 OG 125]