(125)               Changes to Disclosure Document Program
   The PTO is revising and clarifying the Disclosure Document Program to
improve processing and to simplify customer requirements. The following
changes to the Disclosure Document Program are effective upon
o Duplicate copies of documents are no longer required. Only the
original document is required for submission.
o The original Disclosure Document will not be returned to the customer.
o A self addressed, stamped envelope is no longer required.
o A standard format for the disclosure Document is required:
   1) The document must be written on one side only, on white
letter-size (21.6 cm x 27.9 cm or 8 1/2 by 11 inches) or DIN Size A4
(21.0 x 29.7 cm) paper. (Oversized paper, although foldable to the above
dimensions, is not acceptable.) 2) Drawings or sketches must be on paper
the same size as the rest of the document.
o The fee for filing a Disclosure Document is $10.00. Documents
submitted without the full fee will be returned.
o A copy of a Disclosure Document will be furnished upon receipt of a
written request (from the inventor or attorney/agent only) and with a
fee of $25.00. 37 CFR    1.19(b)(3).
   Section 1706 of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedures (MPEP) will
be revised in accordance with this notice. The section also contains
further information regarding the Disclosure Document Program.

July 21, 1995                                         JAMES O. THOMAS, JR.
                                             Deputy Assistant Commissioner
                                               for Patent Process Services

                                 [1177 OG 60]