(115)         Availability of Interference Files and Interference
                     Related Application and Patent Files
   This notice describes simplified procedures for inspecting and/or
obtaining copies of interference files and related application and
patent files. Prior to April, 1995, pending and terminated interference
files and other files involved in pending interferences could be
inspected and released for copying at the self-service copy center
located at the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences. Because of (1)
repeated and substantial file integrity problems with released files and
(2) the growing space needs of the Board, this facility was
discontinued. Copies of files could only be obtained through
Certification Division. In order to improve the availability of these
files this procedure has been modified. The new procedures are described

Terminated interferences

   Subject to statutory and regulatory limitations on availability (35
U.S.C.    122; 37 C.F.R.      1.11 and 1.14) terminated interference
files and application and patent files involved in terminated
interferences may be inspected at and copies obtained through the Files
Information Unit. ((703) 308-2733.)

Pending interferences

   As a general matter, pending applications and interference files are
not available to the public. 35 U.S.C.    122; 37 C.F.R.      1.11(e)
and 1.14. The parties to an interference or their representatives (e.g.,
those having a duly executed power to inspect) may inspect pending
interference files and involved application and patented files, by
appointment, at the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences.
Appointments should be made with the Clerk of the Board at (703)
308-9797. The parties to a pending interference or their representatives
may obtain copies of pending interference files and involved files by
placing an order through Certification Division ((703) 308-9726 in the
Washington, D.C., Metro Area or (800) 972-6382 outside Washington, D.C.).

                                                      BRUCE H. STONER, JR.
                                               Acting Chief Administrative
                                                              Patent Judge

                                 [1184 OG 15]