(62)                       Notice of New Fee Codes
                       for Continued Patent Applications

   Effective December 1, 1997, several new fee codes were implemented 
which pertain to Continued Patent Applications (CPAs). The new fee codes 
will enable better tracking and efficient processing of CPAs in the Revenue 
Accounting and Management system, which is the main financial system. 
Please make a note of these new fee codes for your records.
The new fee codes are as follows:

Fee Code                   Description               Amount
large/small entity                                   large/small entity

131/231                 Utility Filing Fee           $790.00/$395.00
132/232                 Design Filing Fee            $330.00/$165.00
133/233                 Plant Filing Fee             $540.00/$270.00
134/234                Reissue Filing Fee            $790.00/$395.00

                                 [1205 OG 108]