(51)            Temporary Suspension of "At Cost" Services for
                          Orders for Certified Copies
   Effective immediately, and until further notice, the Certification
Division, Office of Public Records, will temporarily suspend accepting
requests for "at cost" service for orders of certified copies of PTO 
documents except where the requester provides documentation that the
copy is required for pending litigation.
   The Certification Division's ability to provide "at cost" services is
based upon the ready availability of source documents either on
microform or via access to electronic images. Increased filings of both
patent and trademark applications have resulted in more instances where
requested documents are not yet available on film or electronic media to
fill customer orders on an "at cost" basis efficiently and for a
reasonable fee.
   Orders for expedited service for certified copies of both patent and
trademark applications-as-filed and trademark registrations will
continue to be accepted. Customers will be advised within three working
days if microform or electronic images are not available to fill their
orders on an expedited basis, and the order will be filled as a request
for regular service with an appropriate adjustment and/or credit for
fees paid.
   Customers are reminded that expedited service is provided on a "local
basis" for those orders: (1) placed through the PTO's Public Service
Windows located in the Patent Search Room and the Trademark Search
Library; (2) hand-delivered to the Office of Public Records' (OPR)
Service Counter in the North Tower building; (3) transmitted via fax
directly to the Certification Division; or (4) received from an
overnight delivery service at the OPR Service Counter. Requests for
expedited service received through the US mail will be processed as
regular orders.
   In those cases where Certification Division cannot fill a customer
order within 30 days of receipt due to unavailability of media or the
source document itself, customers will be provided with a certified
letter documenting their request and the Office's inability to fill the
order as requested. These letters will be provided at no charge. The
order itself will be closed and a full refund or credit made to the
   Customers placing orders for certified copies may use the following
as guidelines for expected turnaround times from initial receipt of an
order in PTO to mailing date from the Office:

Certified Product                                         Days to Mail

Patent Application-As-Filed, Expedited
(microfiche available)                                          7
Patent Applications-As-Filed, Regular                           17
Patent Related File Wrapper                                     25
Patent Copy                                                     10

Trademark Application-As-Filed, Expedited
(microfiche available)                                          7
Trademark Application-As-Filed, Regular                         17
Trademark Related File Wrapper                                  25
Trademark Registration                                          10
Trademark Registration, Expedited                               3

   Delivery of any specific copy will vary based on the availability of
microfilm products and/or file accessiblity. Customers are encouraged to
fax orders for copies directly to Certification Division at (703)
308-9759 and to pay by PTO Deposit Account, MasterCard, or Visa to
minimize processing time. Information on the status of pending orders
may be obtained by calling (703) 308-9726 or 1 (800) 972-6382 (outside
the Washington, D.C. Metro area).

November 2, 1995                                        WESLEY H. GEWEHR 
                                                       Administrator for
                                               Information Dissemination

                                 [1180 OG 121]