(34)           United States Postal Service Interruption and
                         Emergency in South Florida

   The United States Postal Service (USPS) has informed the Patent and 
Trademark Office (PTO) that an interruption in its service in South 
Florida was caused by Hurricane Andrew. Normal postal delivery and 
collection operations of the USPS were impacted by Hurricane Andrew 
throughout South Florida to varying degrees from Aug. 23, 1992, through 
Sept. 12, 1992. By Sept. 12, 1992, the USPS restored delivery and 
collection operations to all of South Florida with the exception of 
   The PTO is designating the interruption in the service of the USPS in
South Florida and the overall destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew as
a postal service interruption and an emergency within the meaning of 35
U.S.C. 21(a). Any request to accept a paper or fee delayed by the
Hurricane Andrew emergency should be directed to Jeffrey V. Nase,
Director, Office of Petitions, (703) 305-9285, PK2-913, for
patent-related matters and to Lynne G. Beresford, Trademark Legal
Administrator, (703) 305-9464, Pk2-910, for trademark-related matters.

Oct. 7, 1992                                              DOUGLAS B. COMER
                                     Acting Assistant Secretary and Acting
                                    Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks

                                  [1144 OG 8]