(24)                Closing of Patent and Trademark Office
                            on Monday, Jan. 26, 1987

   In view of the official closing of the Federal and District of Columbia
government offices in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, including 
the Patent and Trademark Office, on Jan. 26, 1987, the Patent and 
Trademark Office will consider Jan. 26, 1987, a "federal holiday 
within the District of Columbia" under 35 U.S.C.    21. Any action or 
fee due that day will be considered as timely for the purpose of, e.g.,
35 U.S.C.      119, 133 and 151, if the action is taken, or fee paid, on 
Jan. 27, 1987.

Jan. 28, 1987                                           DONALD W. PETERSON
                                                Acting Assistant Secretary
                                               and Commissioner of Patents
                                                            and Trademarks

                                 [1075 OG 29]