(14)               Acknowledgement of Receipt of a Patent
                         or Trademark Application

   When early notification of the serial number of newly filed application
papers is desired, a stamped, self-addressed post card should be 
submitted with each application. Immediately after the mail has been 
opened in the Patent and Trademark Office, the post card will be stamped 
with both the receipt date and the serial number, and then returned 
to the addressee.
   Within recent months, hundreds of cards could not be successfully
returned because of insufficient postage or incomplete or nonexistent
forwarding addresses. Accurate and complete addresses, including ZIP
codes, are necessary to ensure prompt acknowledgement of the receipt of
patent and trademark applications.
   To assist in easy identification once the post card has been
returned, it is suggested that the post card include applicant's names
and title of invention.
   When more than one set of application papers is filed under one
cover, a return post card should be attached to each set of papers for
which a receipt is desired.

July 19, 1982                                         THERESA A. BRELSFORD
                                             Acting Assistant Commissioner
                                                        for Administration

                              [1021 O.G. 96]