(13)                     Post Card Receipt Reminder

   Applicants and the agents are reminded of the provision in Section
717.01(a) (now Section 503) of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
relating to the use of post cards as "receipts" of papers filed
in the Patent Office.
   If a receipt for any paper filed in the Patent Office is desired, it
may be had by enclosing with the paper a self-addressed post card
identifying the paper. The Patent Office will stamp the receipt date on
the card and place it in the outgoing mail.
   The identifying data on the card should be so complete as to match
the paper with the application or other document to which it is to be
associated. For example, the document should be identified by the
applicant's name(s), Serial No., filing date, appeal number,
interference number, etc., and the paper should be identified by
specifying the type thereof, viz, affidavit, amendment, appeal,
application papers, brief, drawings, fees, motions, supplemental oath or
declaration, petition, etc.
   When papers for more than one document are filed under a single cover
a return post card should be attached to the paper for each document for
which a receipt is desired.

Nov. 21, 1968                                             RICHARD A. WAHL
                                                   Assistant Commissioner

                             [857 O.G. 667]