(12)                Identifying Application Correspondence
                            With Issue Batch Number

   Applicants or their attorney or agent can facilitate matching incoming
papers with the corresponding application file by indicating the Issue
Batch Number on all papers filed in the Office after receiving the
Notice of Allowance and before the time the Issue Fee Receipt is received.
   The Issue Batch Number is printed on the Notice of Allowance form in
Box 4 in the lower left-hand corner below the address. The Issue Batch
Number consists of a capital letter followed by two digits, for example;
"A03," "D18," "F42," "J79." Any lower case letters before the Issue
Batch Number should be ignored since they are the typist's initials. Use
of the Issue Batch Numbers is important since the allowed applications
are filed by these numbers.
   Any paper filed after receiving the Issue Fee Receipt should include
the indicated patent number rather than the Issue Batch Number. At this
time in the processing, the Issue Batch Number is no longer useful since
the application has been removed from the batch at the time the patent
number was assigned.

Jan. 16, 1976                                           RICHARD J. SHAKMAN
                                                    Assistant Commissioner
                                                        for Administration

                              [943 O.G. 519]